Budha’s Touch: Thai Massage

The origin of Thai massage is shrouded in legend as the person credited with its development is the personal physician of the Buddha himself. This ancient natural healing modality is based on the principle of the Sen lines which are largely identical with the meridians employed in Chinese acupressure.
To unblock and stimulate these subtle channels firm pressure is combined with yoga-like stretches which are employed to unlock the entire body. The trademark techniques that have made Thai massage famous worldwide effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain while at the same time enhance flexibility, boost energy and stimulate the circulatory and immune systems.
This uniquely holistic treatment is made even more interesting as it is typically carried out on a mattress on the floor, wearing loose and comfortable clothes and notably without the use of any oils.

Chiang Mai may be too far

But that should not keep you from enjoying all that this unique healing modality has to offer

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