Our story begins: About Ho’Pono

Ho’Pono is a Massage Studio with a twist. It was founded in 2022 by Evthoras Demetriou and its mission is to help you lead a richer life by reminding you what wellness, lightness and relaxation feel like. Stroke by stroke, any persistent muscle pain that may be troubling you melts away and overwhelming stress evaporates so that you may find peace and tranquility.

Based in Strovolos, Nicosia, Ho’Pono currently offers high quality massage treatments and guidance so that you may better manage the load of your particular life circumstances.


Academic Foundation

My passion for life led to pursue a BSc in Biology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. It was here that I developed a kin understanding of the dynamism underlying the human condition. Every cell & every tissue, each colony of bacteria and even viruses that comprise your body play a key role in its regulation and maintenace. With my help you can begin to appreciate how delicate the balance is and how precioucly it has to be guarded. 

Next I sought to complement my understanding of life by coming to terms with the intricate nuances underlying the life of the modern man,homo economicus. I thus undertook an MSc in Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Cranfield


Leap of faith

It was not until several years later however, that I finally decided to heed my inner calling as I embarked on my journey to become a certified Massage Therapist.

I first traveled to Bali – “the island of the Gods” where I received the gift of being introduced to the exotic art of Balinese Massage. Delving in the intricacies of this relaxing and soothing modality was a great window into the world of Massage and set the foundations for what followed.

The next chapter of my story was to unfold  in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s capital of the north, where I was trained in their unique style of Thai Massage. Also known as “Yoga for lazy people” combination of stretches

 Finally, my tour of Asia was completed with a solid  training in the techniques of Deep Tissue Massage

After a year of practicing and consolidating the techniques I had learned, it was time to look to the East and pay homage to their lasting healing heritage. It was in Morocco that I was introduced to their mesmerizing Head Massage rituals. 

In my pursuit to achieve long lasting therapeutic results and expand the breath of my healing capacity I subsequently sought training in the age-old method of Cupping Therapy.

With my passion in what I do fueled by the heartwarming testimonies of my clients, I am looking forward to continuing on this path of restoring wellness to the world, one session at a time.